CACPAA Premier CPE Event

Lets rush to the final line !! Today is the final date to register!
40 people already registered online CPE Classes(2 credits), so far!!

Join CACPAA Premier CPE Event for CPAs!

Dive into the latest industry trends and popular topics at hour upcoming CPE event. Designed specially for forward-thinking CPAs and professionals, this is your opportunities to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. Connect with leading professionals and thought leaders. Our interactive sessions are tailored to enhance your knowledge and skills. You can expand your professional network. Meet peers and industry leaders in an inspiring environment.

You will receive 2 hours CPE. Date and Time: 3-5pm December 17, 2023 On the Zoom. Please click the bottom link to register. 

Speakers and Topics:
Sean Liou, CPA, ESQ, CACPAA director, CPE Committee Chair:
Practical Trust Overview for CPAs
This course provides a fundamental overview of trusts as a tool in tax and estate planning, so that CPAs may understand their potential role as a professional for clients with trusts, and educate their clients on what types of trust may benefit them most based on their financial and familial situations.

Angela Chen, CPA, CACPAA director, Community Event Chair: 
New Mandate on Beneficial Ownership Reporting
Beginning January 1, 2024, the beneficial ownership information reporting requirements mandated by the 2021 Corporate Transparency Act will be phased in over a two-year period. This course provides critical information on the reporting requirements mandated by the 2021 Corporate Transparency Act for beneficial owners of business entities. If you have more questions, please contact us at
 This is the zoom registration link for the event:

June Free CPE Dinner Event

On June 28, 2023, CACPAA provided CPE classes for CPAs’ and any professions who were willingly to networking with us. CPCPAA established a zoom link for registration the CPA classes. 
The CPE and dinner were free for Chinese American CPA Association members. For non-members, there was a discounted rate $30 fee per person(original fee was $50). .This event was also  available on Zoom which is free of charge for all attendants. 
There were approximately  50 people enrolled the CPE classes . 


BODs attended to celebrate the Orange County Chinese Chamber of Commerce scholarship party

from left, Pamela, Emily, Derek
from left, Pamela, Emily, Derek 
From left front to back: Derek, Joshua, Jennie, Michell, Len, Paul, Jeff
From  left front to back: Derek, Joshua, Jennie, Michell, Len, Paul, Jeff


Board of Directors meeting

After 2023 tax season, board of directors first time personal gathering.From left, clockwise: Mary, Victor, Meimei, Emily, Howard, Sean, Raymond, Joshua, Derek, Cynthia, Paul, Pyng, Pamela, Angela, Michelle


Ted Lieu (US Congressional Representative) Manhattan Beach Fund Raiser

On 3/11, 23, the US congressional Representative, Ted Lieu (D. CA) held a fund raising party at Manhattan Beach, CA. Mr. Lieu has supported CCPAA and our board members attended his fund raising party.

Fifth from the right is Congressman Ted Liu (California Democrat Representative)
Council members from left: Angela, Michelle, Raymond, Cynthia, Victor
Event-EN Post-EN

2023 CACPAA The Lunar Year Free Lectures for Benefits to the Public

CACPAA will hold no fee lectures to the plublic.
Date: Feb 11, 2023
Place: 3rd floor, 1 Industry Hill Pkwy, City of Indusyry, CA 91744
Topics include: Tax, Investment, Law, Immigration.
Free Parking
Raffle Tickets

2023 Luna Year Spring Lectures:

  1. Susanne Guo: Prepare to file tax returns in 2023.
  2. Wendy Liu: How to obtain benefits from 10 IRS websites?
  3. Michelle Wu: 2022 Inflation Reduction Act and tax filings.
  4. Qiang Bjornbak: How to apply permanent residence for professionals?
  5. Sean Liou: Finling tax returns of foreingers.
  6. Robert Yang:
    Tax savings of green energies.
  7. Tiffany Xu:How to invest in current turbulent markets?
  8. Angela Chen: Reminders of 2022 tax filings.
  9. Zoe (Zhuo) Zhang : How to comply the tax filing and avoid being audited?
  10. Cynthia Lau: Tax planning begore and after immigration to the US.
  11. Ian Li:Win the litigation of fauldulent currency exchanges.
  12. Chen Huang: How to prepare tax planning and tax filing of foreign company?
  13. Fei Chen :Resaonal compensations to employees and shareholders.
  14. Derek Tung: Cases of US citizens not filing tax returns of their controling foreign entities.
2023 Spring lectures sponsors’ tables
2023 Spring lectures Speakers
Aproximately 200 attentants in 2023 Spring lectures


2023 CACPAA Spring Lectures

On Feb 3, 2023, at 1655 S Azuza Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745, CACPAA introduced the news of Spring Lectures 2023 to local Chinese medias. More than ten media companies presented to the place of announcement.


2023 American Chinese Southwest Chamber of Commerce, USA

On Jan 22, 2023, at Arcadia, CA, 10 board members from our CACPAA had attended American Chinese Southwest Chamber of Commerce, USA, to celebrate its 2023 lunar year festival. On behave of CACPAA, our founder president Howard Li presented our blessings at the festival.


2023 The Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Northwest

On Jan 7th, at San Gabriel, CA, In the midst of lunar year celebrations, 9 board members from CACPAA attended The Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Northwest, USA. This is their chamber of commerce’s 6th anniverary.
Our board member Mary Lin played a hostess role in the party.


12-11-2022 CACPAA in the annual meeting of the Southern California Colleges and Universities Alliance