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2023 CACPAA The Lunar Year Free Lectures for Benefits to the Public

CACPAA will hold no fee lectures to the plublic.
Date: Feb 11, 2023
Place: 3rd floor, 1 Industry Hill Pkwy, City of Indusyry, CA 91744
Topics include: Tax, Investment, Law, Immigration.
Free Parking
Raffle Tickets

2023 Luna Year Spring Lectures:

  1. Susanne Guo: Prepare to file tax returns in 2023.
  2. Wendy Liu: How to obtain benefits from 10 IRS websites?
  3. Michelle Wu: 2022 Inflation Reduction Act and tax filings.
  4. Qiang Bjornbak: How to apply permanent residence for professionals?
  5. Sean Liou: Finling tax returns of foreingers.
  6. Robert Yang:
    Tax savings of green energies.
  7. Tiffany Xu:How to invest in current turbulent markets?
  8. Angela Chen: Reminders of 2022 tax filings.
  9. Zoe (Zhuo) Zhang : How to comply the tax filing and avoid being audited?
  10. Cynthia Lau: Tax planning begore and after immigration to the US.
  11. Ian Li:Win the litigation of fauldulent currency exchanges.
  12. Chen Huang: How to prepare tax planning and tax filing of foreign company?
  13. Fei Chen :Resaonal compensations to employees and shareholders.
  14. Derek Tung: Cases of US citizens not filing tax returns of their controling foreign entities.
2023 Spring lectures sponsors’ tables
2023 Spring lectures Speakers
Aproximately 200 attentants in 2023 Spring lectures