Chinese American CPA Association Held E-Gala and Re-Election Ceremony Online

The Chinese American CPA Association successfully held the first online annual meeting on June 27, 2020 and held a re-election ceremony, attracting nearly 200 spectators to participate in the event online.

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The Chinese American CPA Association (hereinafter CACPAA) successfully held the first online annual meeting on June 27, 2020 and held a re-election ceremony, attracting nearly 200 spectators to participate in the event online.

At the start of the annual meeting, CPA Howard Li, the founding president of the CACPAA gave a speech, thanking Cynthia Lau, the President of CACPAA from 2019 to 2020, for her selfless dedication and dedication to the association over the past year, and looking forward to the outstanding professional accountant Jeff Huang who has served the association for nine years to lead everyone forward; the current president CPA Cynthia Lau also reported to everyone the various activities and contributions she had made to the society and association members during her tenure; Accountant Jing Qiu spoke on behalf of the previous ex-presidents, thanked all the guests present and gave high commendation to the new president CPA Jeff Huang.

The California State Treasurer Fiona Ma, CPA was invited to this year’s annual meeting to witness the appointment of the new leadership team. Fiona Ma shared with everyone the various new practices of the California government in dealing with the epidemic. Other officials who also came to congratulate the newly-elected were: former California senator and Republican senator leader Bob Huff, Los Angeles County Chairman Kathryn Barger, and San Gabriel City Councillor Chin Ho Liao all gave speeches congratulating the landing of the new president of the association and the new leadership team.

CPA Jeff Huang, the new president, thanked the previous colleagues of the association for their efforts, pointed out that the goal of the tenth session is to achieve win-win, and looked forward to how the association can better serve everyone in the current severe epidemic situation, and hope that everyone will work together , Grow together, give back to society, and benefit the world. I believe that under the leadership of the president Jeff Huang, CPA, the Chinese American CPA Association will reach another peak!

The annual meeting held a lottery with a total value of more than $3000: Ex-President Cynthia Lau donated KN95 masks that worth $800, the new President Jeff Huang donated $600 in cash, a 27-inch color TV was donated by director Victor Wong, and the rest of each director donated $100 in cash. Another big prize is that lucky viewers can get free help from professional CPAs in the association to apply for government subsidies.

CACPAA provides the strongest professional platform for professionals from all different fields. Ethnic Chinese CPAs who were originally from many different regions such as the United States, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, etc. gathered in the CACPAA. It has also attracted many elites from the financial, real estate, and education sectors. The members of the association not only possess solid professional knowledge but are also fluent bilinguals in Chinese and English. Many members are also very active celebrities in multiple communities in the Los Angeles region. CACPAA can be described as a diverse professional elite team.

Elites from all walks of life in the CACPAA share their experience and examples with everyone without hesitation. We strive to help the Chinese community understand the latest changes in laws and tax laws, and we hope to use our professional knowledge to help new immigrants quickly integrate into the new life in the United States with east For professionals who are interested in joining CACPAA, please send an email to CACPAA@GMAIL.COM.

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